"Creative artists often note that from early youth on, they’d been fascinated by areas that would later become their vocation."

There are just so many ways to express yourself!

about artist

In 1975, I graduated from Moscow Textile Institute’s Faculty of Applied Arts, holding a degree in fashion design. I was fortunate to have been employed by Moscow’s “Kuznetzki Most” Fashion House, and to belong to the Designers’ Union. In 1991 abrupt change occurred in my life: our family moved to Israel. After an adjustment period, I resumed my creative work: restoring the Kazrin Doll Museum collection. Later, I began work with the Golan Archeological Museum, reconnecting with my past as a designer in the creation of ancient costumes. As active member of “Golan artists forum” i participating in its projects and exibitions & frequently run educational projects for children, incorporating fine art and art history…